2017—Paul Muldoon

Photo of Paul Muldoon
Poet; Howard G.B. Clark '21 University Professor in the Humanities; Director, Princeton Atelier; Professor Of Creative Writing, Princeton University

Paul Muldoon is a celebrated Irish poet, professor of poetry, scholar, critic, arts activist, and translator. His work has received recognition nationally and internationally. He is the author of twelve major collections of poetry, including One Thousand Things Worth Knowing (2015), Maggot (2010), Horse Latitudes (2006), Moy Sand and Gravel (2002), and New Weather (1973). Muldoon’s poems speak of the quotidian, as well as the impenetrable: articulating great joy, pain, loss. He has also edited and introduced several anthologies of Irish Folk Tales, and published innumerable smaller collections, works of criticism, opera libretti, books for children, song lyrics, and radio and television dramas. He is the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize and T. S. Eliot Prize.