India, America, and the World with Jaswant Singh, former Foreign Minister of India




7:30 pm


Rawles Hall 100


The largest and oldest democracies on earth have emerged from the decades of estrangement that afflicted their relations during the Cold War. Indian leaders have talked of the U.S. as a "natural ally," while American ones have spoken of a "strategic partnership." There is a solid basis for optimism, but there are also reasons for concern. The ongoing debate in India over America's willingness to provide nuclear technology underscores what is likely to be a continuing source of tension. So is India's reluctance to help the U.S. put pressure on Iran. Drawing on his experience as President Clinton's special envoy for dealing with India in the 1990s, Strobe Talbott will evaluate India's emergence as a potential global power. Former Foreign Minister of India, Jaswant Singh--with whom Talbott worked intensively for several years in the 1990s--will then what promises to be a lively discussion about the current relationship between India and the U.S.